Are you still in love with your ex?

After a break up utmost of the couple realize that they are still in love with their ex, want to get back together but now thing is that how to get back together.  Because one a relation broke down it become too much difficult to reunite along with difficult to bring back harmony and affection alive in a relationship.  Is the same thing is going with Are you still in love with your ex? If yes then, now you no need to worries, simply going through is and get it done.
Recognize what went wrong.  Your relation had broken; definitely, somewhere you make mistakes that hurt to your partner just because of that they get out of love.  You might unaware from that thing either you unknowingly from that.  So whatever a reason of that, you have to recognize that thing and strive to resolve on your behalf.
Apologies and forgiveness: - you had mistakes; you need to apologize your mistakes, if you will not do that, you can’t thing about reunite a relation back.
Show love and affection: - most of the relations break done because they think love and affection don't exists anymore in a relation, that the reason they thing to get out of a relation.  Might be the same thing happened with you.  So to again come back in a relation firstly you have to show love and affection toward your ex-lover.   So these are some essential thing which will help you to reunite a relationship back  but if you ever think that nothing is working then still you no need to worries  because of having best astrology specialist. Yes make a consult with them, they will suggest you apt remedies to get back together.


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