How to Fix Problems of Husband Wife in Marriage?

This is the need of each and every woman that they crave for the emotional connection. Emotional connection is the source that helps to form a deep and healthy attachment with your partner. It is the source that helps to grow love with your partner. For the reason there are several couples who have no emotional connection with their partner and it is very harmful for them.  It is necessary to feel the emotional connection with your husband. There are sometimes situations when you are emotionally attracted to the husband and it could severely hamper to your marital happiness.
In the beginning of the marriage try to built the healthy and strong emotional connection with your partner. Perhaps when your husband was once more attentive and then insightful and you used to spend the hours in the deep conversation together. After it he will not able to bothered to the return text message or then share his thoughts. It losses of this can be extremely damaging to your marriage. Therefore these are the nothing but it can be the signs of the emotional detachment in the marriage.
Therefore the longer this lack of the connection then it lingers the more you feel like you are living as roommates, instead of the lovers. It does not make a happy marriage. There are several issues that arise in the marriage for the reason they are lack of emotional connection in the relationship, lack of the emotional intimacy and no emotional support from the husband, trust, happiness and comfort out of the equation with your spouse. If you are also one of them who are not feeling a connection with the husband then you can take help of some of the effective points.
How to control this situation with your partner? 
Below mention are some of the points that will help to control the issues that are arising between you and your partner. These surefire tips will help to recover from all the issues and you marriage life will come back on the right track as well as solve husband wife problems by providing effective solution.

    1.       Communicate:
First thing you can do is that let your husband know that what you are feeling about him. Tell him that you are not feel as the same what you feel in the starting of your marriage. It will help to build the emotional connection with your husband. You can also ask him that to do anything to fix the bond between you and your husband again. It helps to build the relationship with husband and this may also help to open up the conversation and allow both the partners to share their issues.
    2.       Do not play the blame game with your partner
It is necessary to remember that when you are lacking the emotional connection with your husband then do not try to play the blame game with your husband. Do not try to tell them that it’s their fault that you are feeling disconnected. It will get him the defensive and does not open up healthy communication. Instead express you’re all the desires to be the connected to him as you once were with him.
    3.       Some schedule date nights
Therefore the date nights are the essential for a happy marriage especially for those who have the children. You are now the parents and even though you are now the parents. It is necessary to know that you are still the mates and having the fun together. If you are still facing issues in your marriage life then you can take help of our astrologer. Consult him by visiting or you can place a call at +91-9996849055. So take out the hobby together, go out for the dinner and a movie, jog together or simply you can go out for the drinks together. Thus whatever you do it is necessary that you know that both will enjoy where you will able to talk and share with the one another as you used to do when you were in the dating phase of your relationship.


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