Does Kundli matching ensure a happy marriage?

According to Indian tradition and rituals Kundli matching is one of the most important tasks which are done before marriage. In which a boy’s and girl’s horoscope or Kundli get matched if it get a perfect match then this marriage is accepted otherwise family don’t accept this proposal of marriage. Because according to Vedic astrology it’s a belief that if Kundli of both people’s get matched then they are the perfect partner for each other and their life get too much smoother because they are compatible for each other. But the Question is that which most of the youngsters have and not only youngster’s even elders also have this Question that Does Kundli matching ensure a happy marriage? Then yes, it’s true actually every person have its own planetary positions and stars and cause of that they have some positive and some negative things in their Kundli and cause of that when other person’s Kundli get match with you then his/her positive starts will help your negative things to overcome and cause of that Kundli matching really effect and in Vedic astrology a term is used “Gun” and there are 36  gun as higher rate of gun will match in Kundli as much the couple’s life get smooth and easier. if you are the one who want to get know about your Kundli then you can consult to our best astrologer who will give you answer of your each Question.  


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