How to Protect Houses from Evil Ghost

It seems in all the world that all the people want to protect their home from the evil spirit;. Even with all our diverse cultures and beliefs, but thing is that, how to protect houses from the evil ghost or negative energies, are you the also the one who is searching the answer for this question that hoe to protect houses from a ghost. Then your answer is here, according to our astrologer by using of Vedic astrology you can make this possible.

Here are few of the points consider to protect your house from the evil ghost.
·         Use of Horseshoes on door
The horseshoes are the most famous and charms to use on a door, it protect from negative energy and repel witches from your house as well as bring good luck. It is used in the front door.
·         Mirror
By placing one above the entrance to your main door, Mirror will welcoming harmony and creating good fortune for all those that enters and its evil spirit may not enter your home.
·         Wind chimes
Wind chimes mostly use people for they sound and for decoration. But they don’t aware about a benefit of wind chimes. It scares away the bad spirit and protect a home from the evil spirit.  
·         Nazar
The Nazar, also known as the evil- eye stone, it made of colored glass, the Nazar protect the home from the evil spirit and bad luck.
·         Cinnamon Stick
Certainly, you will be shocked that, cinnamon stick is also protected our house from the witches and bad effect and it brings good luck and positive energy.
·         Bamboo Flutes
It’s an another way to protect your  house from the negative energies, the reason behind that is a flute is related to  our spirituality and the another reason is its made of Bamboo, according to Feng Shui, Bamboo is a symbol of strength and support.   
·         Garlic
Garlic is a thing is a thing used to increase the flavor of food. It also used for the protection against the evil spirit.  


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